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The Path of the Soul

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The Path of the Soul

“Soul does not exist in social reality.”

Popularity Contest

What I choose to write about is not popular.  The readership for the subject matter is few and far between.  I am aware of this, and I embrace it.  For the majority, personal awareness, evolution and understanding is irrelevant amidst the chaos, mania, narratives and psychoses of social reality.  Amusement, entertainment, alternative, mainstream and social media, politics, religion, science and sports reign supreme in the clouded minds of the masses.  Comments, likes and shares dictate what is heard, read and seen.  Popular culture destroys creativity, consciousness, transcendence and transformation.

The Gravity of Truth

We frequently seek to discredit all that is true.  Truth is a foreign language we dismiss due to its incompatibility with social reality.  We deny it out of existence with our selective beliefs, information, narratives and perceptions.  We emulate generational conditioning, enabling society’s profane paradigm.  How we exist in social reality is not “real.”  We simply construct personal delusions within its illusion to satiate our programmed appetites for social advancement.  This is the vortex of society, transmuting our existence into virtuality.  We cannot transcend the human aquarium when we refuse to believe it exists.

The Dark Arts

The superficial security blanket of social reality imprisons us into virtuality.  Our anxieties, fears and insecurities are embellished and internalized until they become our psychosis.  By premeditated design, we are victimized in every way.  Authoritarian entities and organizations weaponize information with alternative, mainstream and social media via entertainment, news, politics, religion, science and sports.  Our inherent human penance is to endure a perpetual state of delusion, fear and trauma.  As we focus our attention upon the endless negativity in social reality, we sacrifice our universality.

The Lie of Belief

We seek God in the direst of times.  For most of us, it takes an accident, deficit, harm, loss, scarcity or death to become present to experiences that transcend the triviality of social reality.  When unbearable events transpire, we race to religion in supplication for the deficiencies of our being.  We offer our personal power as payment to be saved from our self-subscribed fate.  This is the lie we inherit from previous generations who brandish oblivion in the face of consciousness.  However, congregational belief pales in comparison to pioneering our universal path with evolution, revelation and transformation.

“We succumb to our fear because we fail to relate with our soul.”

Social Enslavement

We all have a desire to shift our experience in social reality.  Yet, we are instinctually and intellectually tethered in duality to a three-dimensional paradigm.  In the Matrix movies, we are shown a powerful example of our social oppression.  Human beings are kept in stasis, connected to wires ported into multiple locations of their bodies.  They exist in a digital simulation, imprisoned in individual pods designed to harvest their energy.  This enables artificial intelligence to keep them enslaved.  Seem familiar?  Creating freedom from societal devices requires us to sever our engagement with the vicious cycles of virtuality.

Rude Awakening

When we engage in social reality, we remain in our personal pods, tethered to the technology that separates us from our heart, intuition, soul and the universe.  In the simulation of society, we exist in a waking slumber, stumbling in the darkness of our selective oblivion; ever deluded, devalued, fearful, insecure and traumatized.  We are in the wake of a universal energetic shift to empower our creativity, consciousness, transcendence and transformation.  Before we can become a unique expression of universal flow, we must detach from the simulation of social reality and free ourselves from the enslavement of its virtuality.  The sleeper must awaken!

Find Your Flow

Each one of us is a unique being of universal energy.  The shift is our opportunity to align, balance, center and express our universality.  We are omnidimensional beings empowered by the universe.  Our body and mind are simply applications our soul sources through our intuition and heart to navigate our way through the chaos, madness, narratives and psychoses of social reality.  The equilibrium of our being is essential for our soul to express the resonance of universality.  Our collective destiny is allowing our soul to empower our human experience.

Face the Music

The less we engage in social reality, the more we experience the universe and become an expression of our soul.  In this new era, we are either an emulation in the simulation or in relativity with universality.  We observe and experience .0005% of the known universe, even less through our filters of belief, delusion, interpretation and selective reality.  We all must face the music of our social malevolence.  No matter the measure of our egocentricity; arrogance, denial, desire, entitlement, greed and self-righteousness, our greatest opportunity in transcending social reality is to embody our soul.

The Path of the Soul

When we are born, we are in flow with universal energy.  Most of us live our whole lives in social oblivion.  In rare occurrences, we experience universality.  However, due to our institutional, hereditary and social conditioning, we dismiss our universal experiences before they manifest.  We misinterpret them as a flight of fancy and denigrate them with our egocentricity.  We fail to shift our linear existence into omnidimensional experience.  In this new era, our universal path does not unfurl before us, it resonates within.  The path of the soul is empowering our human being with universality.

“Our true path is one we create.”

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