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The Problem Has Always Been Obvious by MofWooFoo

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The Problem Has Always Been Obvious

by Tom – MofWooFoo

This may be obvious but the combination of vertical governance and capitalism is toxic for all but the rich. Government should not be for sale. But that is the problem in most all nations at the expense of everyone except the very rich. And this is what must be changed if we ever hope to live in a just and caring world. Those who gain from this marriage made in Hell will do anything to maintain their advantage and this can be seen throughout the history of humanity for thousands of years. Elections only perpetuate the dominance of the corrupt. It is simpler to remove the vertical from the equation by replacing it with a transparent horizontal structure than to rid us of capitalism. Someday we might find a way for 8 billion people to live harmoniously and equitably without the need of a currency, maybe with technical advances or something else. But we can’t wait for that.

Things have gotten way too far out of hand and all the major crises that beset humanity are a result of murderous criminals at the controls. With their control of the mainstream media they maintain their power by bamboozling the public with their propaganda. The war in Ukraine is just one of many atrocities that humanity must endure and witness on a daily basis. Their access to the military and the spy agencies jeopardizes the freedom and lives of everyone. All it takes is a lack of conscience, an extreme arrogance and disregard for others, and inconceivable wealth. The WEF, the WHO, the UN, NATO, the CIA are all corrupted and there to perpetuate and broaden their hegemony.

Since anyone seemingly can be bought out and if not murdered, it is easy for them to maintain and increase their dominance ( The brutality in the world comes from the top down. Then you have the “Stockholm Syndrome”, which might explain how large swaths of the population will vote in their oppressors like recently in Turkey. Or the situation in Israel where you have the Israeli government persecuting the Palestinians.

On the other hand you have the example of the Kurds of Rojava, Syria having declared a region of northern Syria an “autonomous zone” in which 4.5 million people live and survive with over 10 different ethnicities living with equality. This ongoing struggle between them and their surrounding enemies of Syria, Turkey, and Iraq, along with ISIS is completely ignored by the mainstream media even though it has been going on for 11 years. Why is it ignored? Because this is an example of people breaking the collusion of government and capital and fighting for real freedom and democracy. They are using bottom-up, transparent horizontal governance (

(This Has Been an Opinion Piece by Tom – MofWooFoo)

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