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There Is No Legitimate Role for any Government or Rule

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There Is No Legitimate Role for any Government or Rule

By: Gary D. Barnett

“Government is for slaves; free men govern themselves.”

~ Albert Parsons, Autobiography

Recently I wrote about a “World Gone Mad,” and I now understand that my title was a gross understatement. Madness indicates psychotic behavior, but what is going on today, while most assuredly psychotic, is also intentional, completely planned, and being implemented with full consciousness by evil forces. To make matters worse, the pathetic masses are taking sides, fomenting hate, supporting their chosen masters, and tearing apart all that is right; thus allowing this insane tyranny and carnage to continue unabated. If one was to step aside, and take stock of this insanity, he would at once be faced with the reality of the heinous agendas being pursued, but few are willing to take that step. Most all continue to look toward the complicit and abhorrent State to save them from the premeditated and monstrous policies being pursued by all governments at the behest of their controlling overlords.

Religion has always been a control mechanism used to subdue the crowd, so it is no surprise that the worship of the State by its subjects is reverent in nature. The State and the church throughout time have acted as one; both seeking compliant and devoted followers. This was the plot all along, as history will certainly support. This is why the ruling class through its controlled government, has always been the people’s church, and the government agents have always sought to be seen as gods by the collective hordes of votaries. All power seekers have to destroy the idea of individualism, self-sufficiency, critical thinking, and independent sovereignty, in order to be seen as superior to the members of the dependent herd. This tenet is mandatory for rule of one over another to exist, and it has been accomplished throughout time.

One of the main goals of government is to place itself and its illegitimate authority above all others in ‘society,’ thereby eliminating the possibility of critical scrutiny or prosecution from immoral and illegal acts. Government does not only rule, they make and enforce all the ‘laws,’ laws that are meant only for the lowly people, not for those in power. Many of those who pretend to be anti-state, will preach that all in government should be held to the same standard as the plebiscites, but they completely disregard reality. Government always and forever protects itself at all costs by controlling every aspect of what is referred to as law and ‘justice.’ Government controls the Executive, (king) the Congress, the courts, including what is referred to as the “Supreme Court,” the police, the military, and all aspects of total regulation of people and commerce. Those involved in this fraud will rarely if ever be investigated, or held to account for criminal activity, because they own and control all the judicial systems.

Asking for the State to police itself is ludicrous beyond sanity. One cannot be charged for investigating, or prosecuting himself, so the oligarchs are safe in their separation from the common man. Those who scream for the government to investigate or police itself, to set up commissions to find truth, to limit its power voluntarily, to prosecute and punish its members for crimes, or to abide by some ridiculous constitution that they alone drafted, are utter fools who have not the ability to think clearly, or apply any logic, reason, or honesty concerning these matters. They should be ignored, laughed at, and abandoned by any thinking individual.

What this boils down to concerning the State is this:

Most everything is a lie.

Most everything is propaganda.

Most everything detrimental is planned in advance, and intentionally executed.

Many if not most evil acts are false flags.

Most everything is criminal.

Most every action and adverse event is purposely staged and a scam.

The State is most assuredly nothing more than organized crime bent on total power, monopoly, and control.

Because of governments, we have perpetual war, and the so-called ‘exceptional’ U.S., has warred aggressively for approximately 93% of its existence, likely more, and has been responsible for the deaths of tens if not hundreds of millions of innocent people. Today alone, governments, mostly western governments, along with Zionist Israel, are plotting to commit genocide and world war in order to advance the globalist agenda of one world governance. We have had the fake ‘covid’ scam that has led to unbelievable deadly consequences, including the lockdown of humanity, poisonous, and in many cases, fatal bioweapon injections, economic destruction, insane inflation, and complete loss of freedom. There are intentionally structured wars in Syria, Ukraine, most of the Middle East, and around the world, all due to the existence of governments and rule. Famine, poverty, rioting, property confiscation and destruction, forced mass immigration meant only to divide and harm, and the perversion and murder of children worldwide is rampant.

Because of government and rule, hell on earth has consumed all our lives. It is impossible to ignore, but most continue to hide from the truth, while looking for answers from those very criminals and scum in power who have caused all the horror and terror that exists in this world today. Most are watching and accepting the genocide of two million innocents in Palestine; in many cases, urging it to continue due to supporting the warmongering nations responsible for all the conflict in the first place. The weak, immoral, and pathetic attitude of the great unwashed majority who make up the bulk of general populations, is a testament to the failure of mankind. How incredibly pitiful a sight is this, as it forces any decent sentient being to cringe at the loss of all that is right and good.

The all-consuming evil in this world is in full view, but blindness on a grand scale has infected this collective horde of soulless masses to such an extent, as to render them unsuitable in any pursuit of moral relevance.

There is no legitimate role for any government or rule of one over another. There has never been any proper government, as all government is based on lies, thievery, monopoly of force, and murder. All government consists of the lowest form of human. All government is unnecessary. Without government, wars would be virtually non-existent, global or world war would be impossible, and peace among men would likely be the norm. Any existence of government or rule negates any possibility of freedom, therefore the natural free state of man can never exist in the presence of authoritative dominance. It should be obvious that no good whatsoever can come from government, but evil is always guaranteed in any state of rule.

“The State is, and always has been, the great single enemy of the human race, its liberty, happiness, and progress.”

~ Murray Rothbard

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