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Tilray Brands announces 420 activations across Canada

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(Globe Newswire) Toronto — Tilray Brands, Inc., a leading global cannabis lifestyle and consumer packaged goods company, through its wholly-owned licensed subsidiaries, Aphria Inc., Hexo Operations Inc., and Truss Beverages Company Limited, announces its latest product lineup and 420 celebratory activations across Canada.

Tilray’s cannabis brands including GOOD SUPPLY®, REDECAN®,BROKEN COAST®, SOLEI®, Mollo®, and XMG® will be activating a series of educational 420 budtender events in stores across Canada in partnership with over 1000 Canadian cannabisretailers nationwide. Cannabis enthusiasts and cannabis-curious consumers alike are invited to learn about Tilray Brands’ products at local cannabis retailers.

In celebration of 420 and the ever-changing landscape of cannabis innovation and culture, Tilray Brands invites consumers to explore a new range of diverse cannabis products from its leading brands.



  • Redecan Space Age Cake: A profoundly potent hybrid offering creamy vanilla, nutty, and ammonia flavours in our signature straight-cut, hemp-wrapped pre-rolls. This Girl Scout Cookies x Snow Lotus cross is everything to love about cookies strains. Now Available in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia in 3.5g and 14g.
  • Good Supply Melon Dream: This sweet sativa-leaning hybrid is a mix of fruit and diesel aromas featuring dominant terpenes of caryophyllene, humulene and limonene, delivering the ultimate mellow vibe. Now available in Ontario and Alberta.
  • Broken Coast EmergenZ and Cherry Cheesecake: Broken Coast presents two exceptional strains for 420 with unique aromas and taste profiles. ‘Cherry Cheesecake,’ delivers a unique trio of cherry, cheese, and sour aromas, and ‘EmergenZ’ energizes the senses, with the zesty flavours of tangerine, citrus, grapefruit, and pine. Now available in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.


  • XMG+ Non-Carbonated Banana BrainFreeze and Berry Rocket: ‘Banana Brain-Freeze’ is a symphony of tropical sweetness while Berry Rocket is a flavour fusion of juicy berries. Both feature 10mg of THC and 10mg of CBG along with guarana extract in a 355mL can, now available in Ontario and Alberta with anticipated expansion nationwide.
  • Solei Cold Brews in Peach Cranberry and Wildberry Hibiscus: Both brews are made with refreshing true-to-fruit juice blends and a black tea base. Peach Cranberry is made with 5mg of THC and 10mg of CBG and Wildberry Hibiscus is made with 5mg of THC and 10mg of CBD featuring. Both are available in Ontario, and Peach Cranberry is available in British Columbia, along with further national launches across Canada.
  • Mollo Seltzers in Lemon, Mango, and Pineapple: Best sipped slow, each new Mollo Seltzer contains 10mg of high-purity THC formulated with nano-emulsified cannabinoids without any cannabis aftertaste in three fantastic natural flavours, along with its CBG sidekick of 20mg, all in a sleek 355mL can. All flavours are available in Ontario, with Mango and Pineapple available in British Columbia and further national releases coming this summer.


  • Good Supply’sCherry on Top’ Blunts: This new two-pack of 1g blunts features fresh flower that delivers a burst of new flavours and aromatic notes of Cosmic Cherry (Sativa), enhanced with zesty lemon sweetness, along with Golden Drizzle (Indica) delivering a delectable blend of sweet and caramelized notes. These perfectly paired blunts come in a slow-burning hemp wrap, now available in Ontario and Alberta with further national launch coming soon.
  • Redecan Hemp’d Khalifuel Redees: A premium indica featuring Khalifa Mints x Grape Gasoline, is meticulously cultivated to deliver a unique boost, harvested at peak ripeness, and perfectly rolled into the signature 10×0.4g straight cut Hemp’d Redees for superior taste and burn. available in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.
  • Canaca Darts Berries & Cream and Twisted Citrus: The two latest strain blends joining beyond-belief blends of flavours with fired-up potencies will have you wondering what makes these secret recipes so good. Berries & Cream is the perfect indica blend with berry, sweet and vanilla flavours while Citrus Twist. Both are available in Alberta, while Berries and Cream are available only in British Columbia.
  • Broken Coast Cherry Cheesecake: The perfect sweet treat featuring dramatic purple and orange indica buds flooded with milky trichomes and amber pistils, featuring a cherry, cheese, and sour profile thanks to its Kimbo Kush x Cherry Pie lineage. Available in 5 x 0.5g pre-roll packs in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.


  • Good Supply Gooey Gold and Cherry Loops: ‘Gooey Gold’ and ‘Cherry Loops’ 1g 510 Vapes both offer an unmatched balance of high potency and rich flavours through a ceramic core, glass cartridge, and hemp mouthpiece. ‘Gooey Gold’ captivates with its sweet caramel flavour profile while ‘Cherry Loops’ features a unique blend of sweet, tart, and tangy notes from cherry, fruity, and citrus flavours. Available in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

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