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– Time to Grow –

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– Time to Grow –

by Julian Rose

The plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the human kingdom, have one outstanding common ambition -‘to grow’.

The plant kingdom reaches for the light, and through a process of photosynthesis it absorbs sunlight and CO2 and turns them into oxygen.

We humans then breathe in this oxygen and eat the plant’s stems and leaves, to give us energy. We also utilise them for curative medicinal purposes.

The plant kingdom can survive without us, but we can’t survive without it.

This simple fact should be one of the first things to learn upon arriving on this planet. In fact, it’s more important than knowing that 1+1=2.

But for the majority, only ‘seeing is believing’. So taking a seed or two in one’s hands and pressing them gently into some fertile soil – should be a mandatory experience for all human beings when just a few years old.

In fact, the importance of experiencing the first appearance of that little green shoot is comparable to the moment one first witnesses a newborn child.

What we observe in both these experiences, is that life is aspirational, vigorous and expressive of extreme determination. There is a huge ‘will to be’.

But what happens to this great ‘will to be’ for we humans?

Does it burst forth and sustain itself throughout the duration of our lives? Or does it dissipate away and dry up amongst the overlaid ambitions of material ‘success’ and a life of enslavement to the digitalised techno-salvation god of ‘convenience’?

Those voices that whisper in your ear “No point in struggling to grow your own – it’s all available in the supermarket – and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty!”

But fortunately, not all citizens of the post industrial Westernised World succumb to this trap called ‘convenience’. There are those who take quiet delight in getting their hands dirty and committing to sowing the seeds of destiny in the great outdoors.

Last month, during an interview conducted by Lorenzo, painter, poet and general manager of The New Agora online and The New Now, I was introduced to a fellow aspirant and entrepreneur within the world of food, farming and human health, Dr Brent Davis from Tennessee.

Like myself, Dr Davis felt guided to work on the land a number of years ago and to do this in the spirit of ‘working with, rather than against, nature’.

Taking this attitude is contrary to the advice pumped out by mainstream agrichemical farming lobbies and the vast monocultural farms that supply super and hypermarkets of the world with the resulting so called ‘food’.

But in my language and that of Dr Brent Davis, this is not real food. It is a pale imitation of that which is grown with one’s own hands in small scale pro-ecological ventures run by caring, thoughtful individuals who do not see their lives as separate from that which emerges out of the soils on their holdings – but very much a part.

As the divided world into which we are indoctrinated, falls into a state of increasing confusion – incited and directed by deliberate top-down acts of aggressive narcissism – so the need to become anchored in something positive and enduring, grows ever greater in importance.

Having one’s hands, mind and heart strongly involved with the wondrous workings of nature, is the best possible way of keeping alive a light capable of burning through the imposition of a dystopian darkness.

Whether this be the self imposed variety, or that directed against us by the architects of oppression, it doesn’t matter; ‘where attention goes energy flows’. And for the sake of our sanity and deeper prosperity, it is truly vital to establish an energetic working connection with the soil, plants, animals and insects that form the multidimensional tapestry of the natural world.

Dr Davis described how he is forging this kind of relationship on his 160 acre holding near Nashville, Tennessee. He is also a trained homeopath and collector and preserver of rare flower essences.

These essences are obtained without cutting the rare flowers, but by a process of frequency capture and symbiotic transfer from flower to a liquid medium which holds the essential vibratory expression of the plant.

I was struck by the ingenious subtlety of this technique, and I believe you will be as well.  Catch the full story by visiting FlorALIVE’s website whose address you will find at the end of this article.*

Feeling a ready sympathy for this unique approach, I requested a sample so as to test this ‘uncut flower essence’ first hand.

Upon its arrival I started imbibing the prescribed doses. We are on the subtle plain here. Pure and delicate frequency ranges.

My first impressions relate directly to this sensitive nature. Like with homeopathic remedies, the recommended volume of water to essence means a high dilution rate, but the ‘flower power’ diffuses throughout and the effect is immediately uplifting.(See end to ‘order’ if interested – editor)

It is, in many ways, a humbling experience to open one’s self to a remedy of such subtlety, and I look forward to an unfolding onward journey with FlorALIVE.

In the course of my conversation with Dr Davis it emerged that we share a deep respect for plant biodiversity within the context of pro-ecological farming methods that strive to operate through a dynamic symbiosis with nature.

‘Feeling’ the holistic interconnection between diverse yet complementary life forms is the quality essential for creating the building blocks of a new society.

Have no doubt, the emergence of a new era of human creativity, incorporating shared idealism and a love of working harmoniously with fellow human beings – and with nature – is going to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of the rapidly fraying godless agenda we are faced with today.

Hold this upwardly rising vision in your mind, buy some seeds and get to work! Yes, its time to grow. You won’t regret it and you won’t forget it.

Commit to a love affair with nature and take endless pleasure in exploring its mysteries.


Julian Rose is an organic farmer, writer, broadcaster and international activist. He is author of four books of which the latest ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’ is a clarion call to resist the despotic New World Order takeover of our lives. Do visit his website for further information

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Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through

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