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Why The Death Of An “Evil” Person Won’t Change Anything From An Occult Perspective

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Why The Death Of An “Evil” Person Won’t Change Anything

From An Occult Perspective

By Bernhard Guenther

A lot of people “cheered” when it was announced that Jacob Rothschild died, just like they cheered when Kissinger or any other “evil person” died, as if they go to “hell” and the world is a better place, and that’s it; as if you can “get rid of evil” when certain people die.

Klaus Schwab is getting old, too, but even when he dies, nothing will change, even though many people will be happy about it.

Most people are caught up in the tunnel vision of the 3D manifestations of the “Matrix,” like the Deep State, the Globalists, the Central Bank, the Fed, the WEF, the Illuminati, Zionists, or any other “secret society” or institution they focus on, missing out on the occult hyper-dimensional aspect of the “matrix control system.”

Most of the powerful psychopaths in power are nothing more than empty vessels and puppets of powerful anti-divine asuric/archonic occult hostile beings.

Many murders and other violent crimes (including pedophilia and rape) committed by psychopathic individuals (be it individual killers, rapists, or politicians in positions of high power giving orders to kill or engaging in sexual ritualistic abuse) can be attributed to these occult malevolent entities.

They possess or work through their human puppets to feed off the “loosh” of suffering – it’s a very “delicious” frequency “meal” for these beings, for humanity is not on “top of the food chain” – frequency-consciousness speaking.

Remember what Hilary Clinton said about Qaddafi: “We came, we saw, he died!” followed by a big laugh. Frequency-wise, it is no different than laughing or being joyful about the death of what you see as an “evil” person.

The energy of being joyful about someone’s death [regardless of whether it is a “good” or “bad” person] FEEDS the occult forces that manipulate humanity from unseen realms. You lower yourself to their level of “enjoying death and suffering.”

The same goes when you project hate and anger on these individuals. It feeds them just like the emperor in “Star Wars” wanted Luke to get him to hate him and to give in to the dark side, so you become what you fight against. It’s a version of a “trap of agreement” with an occult hostile force.

So-called “Satanic rituals,” SRA (Sexual Ritualistic Abuse), and MK Ultra trauma-based programming are practiced to bring in/call in these powerful occult forces to gain more power and purposely possess specific individuals.

When their human host dies, nothing changes, nor does killing the human host change anything “for the better.” The occult hostile entity riding them will survive and attach to or possess a new host.

The occult hyper-dimensional agenda is outside the human conception of “time and space” and beyond human lifetimes. The death of a vessel/puppet due to old age or unforeseen circumstances is accounted for, and that is how humanity has been manipulated for thousands of years.

It’s also the reason behind the “in-breeding” and choosing who they marry and have children with – for a powerful asura demi-god can do its work over generations and lifetimes and affect multiple people within a family or group of people [not just blood-related].

That’s also the enormous blind spot in people who believe that the solution is just to arrest all the bad guys or get rid of them by just killing them off.

For example, the death penalty and capital punishment won’t change anything, either. It will only give satisfaction to the demonic being (and to the human ego living in the illusion that “justice is done”), which will then look for another suitable human vessel to use.

Hence, as Sri Aurobindo noted:

“…From this point of view, you will see that capital punishment is absurd. The man who murdered was under the possession of the impulse of some [occult] being. When the man is executed, the being takes possession of another. Some vital beings want to have their play here….”

Humans are too embedded in a tunnel vision of the dogma of material reality and corrupted religious dogma (with the idea of “heaven” and “hell” and an external god who “punishes” or “rewards” – a matrix program in itself). Hence, they mistake symptoms for causes and don’t recognize the spiritual reality with countless beings acting on and through them.

You may ask, what is the “solution” then?

First of all, be careful of black-and-white thinking. It’s not about not doing anything, turning a blind eye to evil, falling into “blind compassion,” or some New Age Love and Light cop-out.

Ultimately, it’s about a complete shift in consciousness via inner AND outer work beyond trying to “fix the world” on a superficial 3D level and trying to “eradicate evil” externally [which is futile, anyway]. We still live under the illusion that the external world is separate from our inner reality.

It is also about understanding spiritual science [beyond the five senses], occult, and divine laws in the bigger picture of the evolution of consciousness and getting out of the age of materialism that denies a spiritual reality.

It does NOT mean just blaming entities either and avoiding accountability. These occult forces have a teaching function in the grand scheme of it all. It’s a big topic in itself.

Ultimately, a true “awakening” is not an intellectual, informational awareness of these topics or the “matrix” but a complete inner shift of the human being on a consciousness level via the process of soul embodiment, which also implies conscious action and is not about retreating or escaping from life. It doesn’t happen by itself. Conscious efforts are necessary.

I have also written about all the “solutions” and what can be done in-depth over the years on my website with many resources and references. My wife Laura and I also have over 120 podcast episodes of our “Cosmic Matrix Podcast,” where we talk about it, the work necessary, and related topics with practical guidance and suggestions.

There is no quick summary answer. It requires study, work focus, and effort. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. It also doesn’t imply that I “know it all” or that I am”fully awake.” No, I’m in the process myself with many more lessons to learn and integrate on this path of Ascent and Descent.

Nowadays, people also lack the attention span, focus, and sincere will to do this work; they want to be spoon-fed shortcuts with the least effort on their own (or someone else to do the work for them and waiting for a savior); hence, the matrix forces have an easy play with them.

Here’s a start:

The main question is also what is “good” and “bad” and who determines that?

The ego’s subjective view of what the personality thinks is “good” in its conditioned, superficial, and oversimplified black-and-white mental perception is not always what the Divine determines necessary from a “supra-mental vision” in the context of the evolution of consciousness or what the true Self within strives towards based on Divine Laws and Karmic lessons, collectively and individually.

“[…]Each thing, each being, each force on the earth moves toward a special absolute, expressing it more or less accurately and often perversely, but despite all the flaws and perversions, it obeys an intimate law that impels it towards the one truth of its being – even the leaves on the same tree are all unique. If it were not for that absolute and unique truth at the center of each one of us, we would crumble.

This is also why we are so attached to our own smallness and stumblings, because we do sense the truth that is behind them, growing behind them, as if “protected”, Sri Aurobindo said, by that very smallness and all those stumbling. If we got hold of the whole truth at once, we would turn it into some gnome in our own present image!

Truth has nothing to do with thought or good deeds, though these may be steps on the way; it has to do with a vastness of being. And the growth process is slow and difficult.

But the mind, which sees only the present surface of things, seeks to trim off all the rough edges, purify by exclusion, and reduce its world to a uniform, righteous, and equitable truth.

It decrees, “This is good, that is bad; this is friendly, that is hostile.” It might want to eliminate all the Nazis from the world or all the Chinese, for instance, thinking they are quite unnecessary calamities.

And the mind is right, by definition, since it is designed to be reasonable and since it, too, expresses a mental or moral absolute that has its place and purpose.

But this is not the whole truth; it is only one point of view. Some will say that our partiality, our mind, our morals are necessary instruments for living in the world as it is now, and this is true. We do need to be partial.

But this is also why the world is not whole. We should never lose sight of the fact that these are transitory instruments, and that we must aim at replacing these stopgaps, as Sri Aurobindo called them, with a consciousness that is vision and power.

Finally, this is why we lack power, for if we possessed power, we would, with the best of intentions, precipitate a catastrophe through ignorance or shortsightedness. Our shortcomings are necessary shortcomings.

Not only does the supramental [Divine] consciousness capture all the points of view, but also the deeper forces at work behind each thing as well as the truth within each thing: it is a Truth-Consciousness – and because it sees all, it automatically possesses Power.

We are powerless because we do not see. To see and to see totally necessarily means to have power. But the supramental power does not obey our logic or morality; it sees far into space and time, and it does not try to do away with evil in order to save the good, nor does it work through miracles; it frees the good that is within the evil, applying its force and light on the dark half so it consents to its luminous counterpart.

Wherever it is applied, the immediate effect is to touch off a crisis; that is, to place the shadow in front of its own light. It is a stupendous evolutionary ferment.[…]”

– Satprem, from “Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness”

We still have a long way to go.

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