Keynote: Otis Jasper on Honouring Indigenous Roots

Honoring Indiginous Roots. Scientists studying the clinical applications of psychedelics inevitably find their way to ayahuasca, shaminism and the role of natural mind altering substances within indigenous spirituality and religious practice. In a field of study where science and religion can truly coexist, researchers and non indigenous people must be mindful of honoring the traditions of sacred plants as they attempt to build a bridge between native cultures and the efficacy of their medicine. This session will consider the traditional use of psychedelics and the reciprocity that must come along with adapting it

Keynote – Otis Jasper

H.E.R. – The Mycelium Network and the Opportunity to develop Affiliations in Conscious Business

The world of business is filled with ego-centric corporations whose main objective is to gain capital and fill the pockets of stakeholders. Connections made are centered around self-gain, which end result tends to create division and divide with little positive impact on the greater ecosystem. In the world of psychedelics and earth medicine there is a different vibe that drives its own set of objectives. Being that psychedelics and earth medicine give life to a more conscious and heart-based culture, strategies are naturally more interconnected and considerate of interdependent relationships. This microdose presentation will introduce you to affiliate marketing through a mycelium-like network methodology as a business strategy for brands who want long-term, deep-rooted growth in the new conscious gig economy.


Getting Control of your Controlled Environment

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.  Improving your grow harvest after harvest comes by understanding what aspects of your garden need attention.  Having the right sensors and controls can give you the data needed to dial in the fire.  From PPM to PPFD find out how to gain control of your grow with our expert panel.