Here Comes the Sun?: Growers Face Their Pricey Carbon Footprint

Friday September 13th
2:15 PM - 3:00 PM - Demo Stage
Speakers: Jan Buijk, Joseph Fida, Mark Spear, Max Cherney, Oxana Asapova, CBDO, Scott Dutchyn

Panel Discussion

During prohibition, law enforcement hunting indoor grow-ops targeted properties that used copious electricity. That was an early hint of the power glut that now faces the industry. About a third of the average indoor grower’s overhead is lighting costs. A typical plant uses the equivalent of 70 gallons of oil from seed to harvest. And from 1-3% of the North American power grid may be taken up by cannabis farms. The commitment to go green is not just planet conscious. Eco commitments sway investors and improves the bottom line. This session will examine green options, include replacing high-pressure sodium lights with LED, using off-the-grid solar panels and cutting edge batteries to power-up, and – what a concept! – growing outdoors and using free sunlight.

Moderated By: Max Cherney

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