(PART 1) Disrupting Old Markets: Edibles/Infused Products and the Status Quo

Friday September 13th
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM - Main Stage
Speakers: David Hyde, Hugo Alves, Jennifer Caldwell, Peter Crooks, Sybil Taylor, Virginia Vidal

Panel Discussion

With falling liquor sales, brewers are infusing cannabis into de-alcoholized beer. Pharma firms, hurting from cannabis’s toll on prescribed medicines for pain and sleep, are buying in. Tourism and service industries are re-structuring to accommodate exploding demand for cannabis-infused products. Consumer demand was always assumed to be a sleeping giant, but it is bigger behemoth than anyone expected. This session on the rising opportunity curve will look at new and growing demand for dried flowers, oils, edibles, concentrates and topicals, and how it’s shaking up the market landscape in all directions.

Moderated By: David Hyde

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