Regulations and the Environment: Is Red Tape Biodegradable?

Friday September 13th
3:45 PM - 4:30 PM - Main Stage
Speakers: Becky Olscher, Karen Lauriston, Richard Butler, Rosanna DiLabio

Panel Discussion

Regulatory compliance remains a major concern for marijuana producers and suppliers. Packaging designs that meet the requirements on font size, government-mandated information and disclaimers and packing real estate put pressure on efforts to reduce waste and efficiently maximize recycling. Those in the industry look with concern to pressures currently being experienced by users of single-use plastics and look to industry professionals for guidance on how best to deal with not only recycled but with organic wastes, wastewater and odour as well. This session will examine the regulatory landscape and discuss which regs may be well-intentioned but counter-productive. We will hear about technical issues and solutions, and consider how Federal and Provincial marijuana regulatory requirements can also be at odds with environmental initiatives.

Moderated By: Richard Butler

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