Labour Productivity Improvements by Gamifying the Workplace

Saturday September 14th
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM - Demo Stage
Speakers: Wouter d’Ailly


The Canadian Cannabis industry has a labour problem. A large detailed-orientated labour force is required to meet stringent cleanliness requirements, achieve yield goals, and meet demanding quality expectations.
Currently, large numbers of millennials are employed by the industry who have not shown a predilection towards these business requirements. This costs the cannabis firms untold millions in yield, quality, and lost harvests.

This how to get a millennial workforce to maximize yield, achieve quality goals while meeting stringent cleanliness requirements.

• How to engage their hourly workforce to help develop standards and procedures

• How to conduct regular After Action Reviews to review and plan operations

• How to gamify the workplace to challenge millennials

The results are outstanding.

• Yield/sqft increases

• Labour cost/kg drops

• Quality improves with each successive harvest

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