Hemp Heats Up: Understanding the Next ‘Green Revolution’

Friday September 13th
11:15 AM - 12:00 PM - Main Stage
Speakers: Danyka Dunseith, Ellen Brown, Farrell Miller, Ted Haney, Vin Maru

Panel Discussion

Amid the noise of legalization, the non-psychoactive “other weed” sat quietly, with a relative few appreciating its almost limitless profit potential. That’s changing in a hurry, with legalized hemp production in the U.S. coming to the rescue of a CBD industry that can’t cope with a craze. But CBD oil production is just the beginning. There may be trillions of dollars in revenue once you factor in everything hemp can produce – from biodiesel fuels, to paper, to cloth, to enviro-friendly bio-plastics, all at an accelerated growth rate compared to other agri-business products. Kick-starting all these ideas will require billions of dollars in start-up funding, and many heads will have to be turned and minds changed. This session will offer up a road-map to a hemp-fueled future.

Moderated By: Vin Maru

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