Good is NOT a Number: Optimizing Extraction Through At-Line Process Analytics

Friday October 6th
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM - Room 205
Speakers: John MacKay

The purpose of another presentation on extraction of cannabis oil is to review the current trends in the world. The technology for the extraction of potential the active ingredients from botanical sources it’s not a new science for most attendees of this conference. The basic principles of chemistry, physics, mathematics and applied engineering are not new either.

Many scientists have been using disparate solubility of compounds before there was cannabis market. So why attend a presentation on extraction techniques for cannabis plants? Why bother to listen to the first few sentences?

The first reason, is that you are most likely still curious. How does the extraction of this plant compare to years of extraction of essential oils, petroleum products, edible oils and the vast amount of simple preparation techniques that use extraction differs are similar to this plant.

Second, you’re not familiar with extraction, but have read articles everyday about medical marijuana and are looking for scientific facts from an extraction point of view.

Third, you have too much time on your hands right now. There was nothing better to do. Unlikely, but it must be considered as a possibility.


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