Growers Luncheon: Meeting of the Minds (Invite Only)

Friday September 7th
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - Port Colborne Lounge
Speakers: Bobbie-Jean Young, Ed Rosenthal, Jonathan Stemeroff, Randy Flemming

Private Event

We are bringing the best in cannabis growing minds together for a networking, idea-sharing, meeting of the minds luncheon. The idea of the inaugural and annual Grower’s Luncheon is to foster conviviality amongst growers. A panel of diverse growers will share their thoughts on some of their biggest challenges growing in a regulated system, share some of their trials and tribulations as they immersed themselves in their position, as well as share some their wishes on what Health Canada can do to better the growing experience and the quality of cannabis. The overall goal is to bring together a nationwide informal network of growers with a yet to be determined purpose – be it social, technical, or advocacy.

Sponsored by: Medz Cannabis Inc. and Grow Opportunity

Moderator: Randy Flemming, Flemming & Singh Cannabis Inc.



Speaker Submissions

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