Bright Ideas: What Light-Science is Revealing About LED, HPS, HID & Yield

Saturday September 8th
2:15 PM - 3:00 PM - Peller Estates Ballroom A
Speakers: Christine Stein, James Eaves, Melanie Yelton, Neil Yorio

Panel Discussion

In Drug War days, scientists could only do “Reefer Madness” research. Now we’re seeing the first peer-reviewed scientific research into cannabis yields and growth techniques, as colleges and universities train the a generation of legal cultivators. Among these: Laval University, which has partnered with Green Seal to research the ROI between various lighting products. This session will reveal the first round of results of the largest lighting experiment ever conducted (500 plants from eight companies), comparing the ROI between horticulture LEDs, regular LEDs and HPS (High Pressure Sodium lights). It’ll follow up with a discussion of the future of grow-lighting, growth tips and the part natural light could play.

Moderator: James Eaves, Laval University


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