Nano-Cannabis: The Future of Medical and Edible Marijuana

Saturday September 8th
4:25 PM - 4:40 PM - Peller Estates Ballroom A
Speakers: Mehdi Nouraei


The commercialization of medical and edible cannabis are limited by the current delivery and consumption methods. The plant oil extracts are hydrophobic in nature, which limits their application in water-based systems. Furthermore, cannabis oils have a very low oral bioavailability. Nanotechnology is a promising strategy address theses issues. There are two different approaches to produce nano-sized oil droplet in water phase. A mechanical approach in which high shear or high intensity ultrasound waves are used to breakdown oil droplets to 100-500 nm. However, this approach is energy-intensive and the finished products are not stable in long term. Microemulsions are the most advanced approach for creating stable, nano-sized droplets (10-100 nm), water-soluble and bioavailable products. A team of U of T researchers have developed a delivery system made with FDA-approved ingredients that can enhance the absorption of drugs 4 folds. Therefore, 1/4 drug per dose is needed compared to conventional methods and hence it is a cost-saving strategy. The platform can also be used to extract cannabis oil from the plant tissues much more effective than using the traditional solvents.


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