PART II: Psychedelic Medicine in Canada

Wednesday December 1st
1:30 PM - 1:45 PM - Ballroom B
Speakers: Dr. Hyder Khoja

Are Psychedelics the Secret for Coma Patients? (CRT) Coma Resurrection Therapy: A Novel Intervention.

The goal of Transcendent Therapeutics, Inc is to pursue the discovery and development of therapeutic potential towards (CRT) Coma Resurrection and pulling patients out of this lethal situation. We are conducting Research for salubrious therapeutics to enhance treatments for Coma Resurrection.

Most fundamentally we would like to see the association of neuron signals to the brain receptors to evaluate the “Brain death, Consciousness, Sub-consciousness and comparing with awareness as well as deep sleep.” This is intended to understand the therapeutic benefits of nano molecule formulations of selective compounds such as Psilocybin, Ketamine, Ibogaine, LSD, DMT, MDMA, Cannabinoid, etc., to support and conduct multi façade research and development and to validate the need and efficacy of these compounds and their potential therapeutic benefits for coma and many unmet medical needs.

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