(PART II) Securing the Industry as it Grows Up

A discussion panel focusing on the last 5 years of security in the MMPR/ACMPR space. Discussion on some of the difficulties facing integrators, operators, and business owners from a security perspective.  What are some of the best practices when securing a facility? How do you know when too much is too much?  How does the industry prepare for the recreational market and how will that be secured and operated?

Topics to be reviewed:

  • The difference from securing an indoor site to a greenhouse
  • How to secure an extraction only site
  • Using the security system on a daily basis
  • Growing pains of learning “how to operate”
  • Ambient temperature controlled cargo: Is it needed during long haul and extreme temperatures?
  • Cannabis specific liability insurance during transport: What you need to know
  • RPIC and A/RPIC escorts during transport: Are escorts needed?
  • Cannabis specific secure transport: Increasing efficiencies

Moderator: Geoff Lawrence, Account Executive (Security), Convergint Technologies



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