The Unique Dynamics of Early Stage Cannabis Industry: Competition, Collaboration and Coopetition

Saturday September 14th
4:30 PM - 5:00 PM - Main Stage
Speakers: Ashton Abrahams MBA


The global wave of cannabis legalization for medical and/or recreational use has created – and is still creating – a rare, if not inimitable, opportunity. Entrepreneurs, investors, and executives in the cannabis industry need to realize the unique dynamics of this early stage industry and how the competitive landscape is unlike other industries – and in some forms non-existent – in the short-term. Different parts of the supply and service chain have not developed and grown at the same rate, which make the relationship between the players in the market more complicated. The collaboration and support between cannabis laboratories in California, Oregon, and Canada could be a good example of how this unusual market can work. Those who understand how to take advantage of collaboration and coopetition in the next few years, will be the long-term leaders of the market.

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