The Great Indoor/Outdoor Debate: 2019 Edition

Saturday September 14th
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM - Main Stage
Speakers: Brian Coutts, Egle Adomaityte, Jason Guttridge, Jayson Goodale, Mark Spear, Taylor Carr

Panel Discussion

There probably wouldn’t even be a massive indoor grow-op industry without prohibition. Out of sight, a surreptitious science grew up around a controlled year-round environment, high in CO2, where strains could be managed around-the-clock. But now that growers are free to operate in the open, a segment of the industry and the consumer has expressed a preference for the “natural” product. An outdoor grower can get by with a few workers until harvest, whereas a grow-op needs a contingent of fulltime staff to prune, water and measure CO2 and nutrients. And yet, it’s hard to argue with indoor success. But argue we will, or at least heatedly debate both sides.

Moderated By: Brian Coutts

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