New Biz, New Rules: How Cannabis is Rewriting the Supply Chain Model

Friday September 13th
2:15 PM - 3:00 PM - Main Stage
Speakers: Adam Brown, Mika Unterman, Peter Guo, Rodrigo Correa

Panel Discussion

Starting from scratch has its upside. An industry whose supply chain didn’t legally exist a few years ago has had to go in with its eyes open. We’ve discovered that surprise demand can mean unexpected outlays of revenue; volatile consumer trends require every level of the industry – from raw plant harvest to finished product to retail – be thoroughly researched, intelligently produced and transparently distributed. Dealing with problems on the macro and micro level has been challenging and as we move into phase 2, we must ask, are our operations set up for future success or are we just handling growth as it comes? This panel will discuss the uncertainties of the transforming cannabis market as well as examine known problems, evolving practices and processes that can affect the entire supply chain from harvest to consumer.

Moderated by: Peter Guo

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