Molecules, Receptors, and Formulations, Oh My! How Cannabis Science Informs Product Development

Saturday September 8th
1:45 PM - 2:10 PM - Peller Estates Ballroom A
Speakers: Alexzander Samuelsson


Cannabis is a unique plant based medicine in that it’s cultivation, processing, and development in understanding of effects has largely been restricted while other industries have developed innovative technology and techniques to increase efficiency, efficacy, and specificity of an end product. As legalization unfolds in many jurisdictions across the globe restrictions are being lifted on the development of cannabis-based products and with it the science and technological innovations required to serve both medicinal and adult-use markets. For companies to fully realize the potential that cannabis provides for product differentiation, research and innovation on how these novel compounds give rise to the effects desired by medical patients and adult-use consumers will need to expand greatly. In this talk a brief overview of our current theories and understanding on how complex synergies between cannabinoids, terpenes, and the receptor-compound interactions give rise to effects, and how understanding this dynamic will impact formulations of future products.


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