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Getting Control of your Controlled Environment

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.  Improving your grow harvest after harvest comes by understanding what aspects of your garden need attention.  Having the right sensors and controls can give you the data needed to dial in the fire.  From PPM to PPFD find out how to gain control of your grow with our expert panel.

The Human Factor – exploring the relationship between happy people and happy plants

Are we having fun yet? Work-life balance and a positive workplace culture is something that most of us wish to achieve. Not the easiest thing to pull-off when working in a fast-paced industry with such a high-valued crop and the possibility of management and investors looking over your shoulder. How do you keep the team happy doing the hard work to make great medicine? Join the discussion and bring back some best cultural practices to make your work fun again.

Phundamentals of Phenohunting – What to look for and why

Heterogeneity… what a gift! The cannabis plant and all of its robust wonders is why we love it so much. But, how do we know what to look for when we are choosing our next genetics? What do we look for in a male? Join this lively panel as they share their art behind the science of phenohunting.

Keeping it consistent – Standardizing your Grow

A little disappointed? Expecting something else? Not the same as before? You may think you did everything the same but the end-product is telling you something different. Was it your lights, your media, your cure? Our illustrious panel will chat about how you can keep your customers coming back for more by producing consistently high quality flower time and time again.

Growing for Market – The story growers need to tell

It’s more than just bud. What do you want the end-user to know about why you grow the way you grow? What role does the cultivation team need to play in helping the market know what’s unique about your cannabis. Our panel of industry experts are going to share some thoughts on how growers can help in telling the story behind the bud.
Moderated by: Alison McMahon

Sustaining your Living Soil Organic Beds

LSO beds are helping the cannabis industry reduce their ecological footprint, but how do we ensure that we are keeping our soil healthy, nutrient-dense, balanced, disease suppressive, pest-free, low in heavy metals, etc. etc. Let’s chat with our experts who are doing just that and find out some of the tricks and tips

Move over Nutes, Biostimulants are the rage

As fertilizer prices skyrocket or become scarce, growers are looking at biostimulants to support growth and enhance quality factors like secondary metabolites. Humic acid, seaweed extracts, trace minerals, amino acids, SAR-elicitors, microbial inoculants are just some of the tools that our expert panel will shed light on.