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Canadian Premiere – Frenchy Dreams of Hashish

Grow Up is proud to be hosting the Canadian premiere of Frenchy Dreams of Hashish which screens on Sunday, September 11th.

The film is a documentary about master Hashishin and Grow Up Hall of Fame inductee Frenchy Cannoli and a small group of Emerald Triangle cannabis farmers in Northern California as they try to reintroduce traditional hashish to the public and amplify their ethos of sustainable farming and their dedication to quality sun-grown cannabis. The film’s screening will be followed by a producer’s Q&A with Kimberly Hooks (widow of Frenchy Cannoli)

Advance tickets are available for $20 (+ HST) and can be purchased here or at the event subject to availability.

The Stand For Craft Campaign

Growers are growers as far as the government is concerned. And the tax on product – whether it be $1 per gram or percentage-based – is the same whether you’re a stock exchange giant or a licensed micro-cultivator. But the boutique bud community is speaking up. The Stand for Craft campaign, representing more than 50 operations, wants a tiered approach to taxes, lest they lose an already difficult fight to stay in business. This session will discuss who should carry the tax weight in the cannabis industry and the upside to incentivizing craft businesses.


Moderator – Matt Lamers


The Grow Up Industry Awards Gala

The Grow Up Industry Awards Gala is a national annual event honouring cannabis professionals/companies and recognizing excellence in our industry. Join us as we induct Frenchy Cannoli in memoriam in to the Grower Hall of Fame along with 35 award winners. Ceremony will be held in the Main Theatre of the Scotiabank Convention Centre. Reception and After Party to be held in the hall outside of the theatre. General Theatre seating.

Reception: 4:30PM // Awards Ceremony: 5:00PM

Meet the Exhibitors Networking Party: 6:30PM (only available to VIP Industry Pass Holders and Exhibitors)

Host & Emcee – Ben Miner, Comedian

(PART II) Growing for Celebrities: How To Develop the Perfect Strain That Is Worthy of their Name?

Celebrities spend their life building their personal brand. Everything they are associated with must carry that same level of quality and commitment. Cannabis products are no different. Growing the perfect strain is half the battle to a celebrity brand, you need to maintain that quality on everything with their name on it. Listen to growers of celebrity brands talk about the challenges when growing for an international brand.
Moderator – Jordan Wagman
(PART I) Celebrity Branding: What Does It Take to Gain the Trust and Confidence of a Celebrity Enough to Put Their Name On Your Product?

(PART I) Celebrity Branding: What Does It Take to Gain the Trust and Confidence of a Celebrity Enough to Put Their Name On Your Product?

Celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson, Seth Rogan, Willie Nelson and Jimmy Buffet, to name a few, have all put their names on cannabis brands around the world. Whether it is CDB oils, bongs, infused beverages or an elite strain, celebrities and athletes are becoming more open to the notion of branding with cannabis. Is your product good enough for a celebrity to put their name on it? Do you have what it takes to meet the high demands and expectations of their fans? How and where do you begin? Listen to these CEOs, marketing geniuses and brand developers of successful international celebrity brands as they discuss building that special relationship.


Moderator – Jordan Wagman

Bruce Linton: Still Deal-Making and Shaping the Cannabis Landscape

Bruce Linton may forever be known for jumpstarting the Canadian cannabis industry as CEO of Canopy Growth. Or that may simply be known as his first home run. His next opportunity, Gage Cannabis, led the charge into the slowly loosening U.S. market via Michigan, with 19 “Class C” cultivation licenses, 15 dispensaries, and three processing licenses. And now, Gage has become a bigger player with the company’s all-stock $545 million purchase by TerrAscend. Bruce has graced us with his presence before, each time with some new venture percolating. In this keynote address, expect some hints of things to come.


Interviewer – Samantha Roman

What It Takes To Go Micro

There are big growers and there are micro-cultivators. And as strange as it may seem, there are more hoops to jump through and licenses to pay for if you decide to grow the cannabis equivalent of a craft beer. With processor licenses, sales licenses, nursery licenses and harvest limits, experts say a start-up could cost anywhere from $250k to $2 million. And yet, as consumer connoisseurship grows, and the willingness to pay for quality follows, micro-cultivators may be ideally suited to experiment with and grow higher-quality strains. This panel will examine the potential profit of limited-edition cannabis growing versus the cost.


Moderator – Dr. Av Singh