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The Future of Hash

From solvent to solventless the evolution is unstoppable.  Can you imagine a revival of hash clubs, how about dab-bars as common as your local pub.  What does the ball of crystal reveal for its future.  Join our select group of prognosticators, Adam and Hana (Mission Hill Melts), Belle (Frenchy Cannoli Brand), Jameson Welbourn (The Banyan Tree) and others, as they envision the future of hash. Moderated by: Just Statton

Magic of Solventless Melts

Solventless hash like dry sift and ice water bubble hash represent some of the most unadulterated forms of hash available. Join our mind melting panel of hash artists Lindsay Labelle and Caitlin McIhone and Hugo Leon de Gante as they drop some wisdom.

Moderated by Andrew Nunez-Alvarez.

Cultivating for Hash

Harvest early with trichomes cloudy or harvest late with trichomes amber.  How about temperature at harvest or any lighting tips to bring out the resin.  Are some strains better than others?  Join Dustan McLean (Parkland Flower); Ed Rosenthal (Guru of Ganja); Jordan Dickinson (LadyJane Labs) and Cody Coulson (Coulson Cannabis).

Moderated by Dr. Av Singh.

The Art of Hash

From Temple Balls to the blondest dry-sieve, the art of the hashishin is no different than the finest chefs and winemakers.  Join Madame Cannoli (Kimberly Hooks) of Frenchy Cannoli Brand and Adam and Hana of Mission Hill Melts, as they share secrets of their art.

Moderated by Jameson Welbourn