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Welcoming Ceremony – Jingle Dress Dance Offering

Josée Bourgeois will be performing a traditional Jingle dress dance, in honor of Grow Up hosting the first panel on the Sovereign Cannabis industry, at a Crown-regulated Cannabis industry event. Josée is a Jingle dress dancer from the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nations and mother to a teenage boy. An advocate for sovereign cannabis, inherent rights, and decolonized access to wellness, Board of Directors member of EduCanNation.

Why Flow Through?: The Role of Flow Through in Ontario’s Cannabis Retail Market

What is Flow Through? How does it work?  Join us at the Grow Up Conference 2024 in Toronto for an insightful exploration of flow-through distribution in Ontario’s cannabis market. We’ll speak with producers and retailers on their experience navigating the OCS’ Cannabis Flow Through program. Learn about this streamlined supply option and its impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of cannabis distribution in the province. Gain valuable insights from industry experts on leveraging flow through to optimize your supply chain and enhance your business operations.
Moderated by: Timothy Wilson (StratCann)

Innovative Creations: Exploring Unique Cannabis Products

It’s not all about THC, and it’s not all about flower. Discover the world of unique cannabis products at the Grow Up Conference 2024 in Toronto! Join us for an insightful panel highlighting innovative and unconventional cannabis products on the market. From edibles to topicals, and concentrates to vaping equipment, explore the latest trends and creations shaping the industry. We’ll speak with a handful of producers with some of the more unique cannabis products you can find on shelves today. Gain insights from industry pioneers and entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of cannabis innovation and be inspired by the diversity of cannabis products available today!
Moderated by: Tanner Stewart (Co-Founder & CEO, Stewart Farms)

Smoke Show: Cultivating Trust in a Global Cannabis Industry

From rigorous quality verification processes to precise grading systems, accurate appraisal, and the establishment of a standardized universal language, our industry leaders will guide you through the journey of instilling trust and transparency into every transaction and relationship. Gain invaluable insights into the factors influencing pricing decisions, market trends, and negotiation strategies in the ever-evolving global cannabis landscape as we delve into the realm of fair market pricing and learn the art of appraisal strategies that ensure equitable transactions for buyers and sellers alike.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the industry, this panel offers essential knowledge and practical guidance for navigating the complexities of trade with confidence.
Moderated by: Nico Hache

The Art of Small Batch: Exploring Micro Cultivation in Ontario

Micro producers have some of the most exciting cannabis products on the market, but they can sometimes be hard to find. Join us as we speak with a handful of Ontario micro growers on what it takes to make micro work in a highly competitive market. Learn how these growers thrive in a competitive market, navigate regulations, and produce high-quality cannabis products. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and inspiration for your own micro cultivation endeavors. Discover the secrets of success from Ontario’s Micro Cultivation Master Growers at the Grow Up Conference 2024 in Toronto!
Moderated by: Kirk Tousaw (CEO, Great Gardener Farms Ltd)

Genetic Revolution: Exploring Triploidy in Cannabis

Delve into the forefront of cannabis genetics with our panel discussion on Triploids and its implications for the future. Explore how Triploidy, characterized by an additional set of chromosomes, is revolutionizing cannabis breeding and cultivation. Gain insights from experts as they examine the potential benefits, challenges, and ethical considerations of Triploids in cannabis.
Moderated by: Amos Bassi (Plant Specialist, Philips Horticulture LED Lighting)

Interview with Tommy Chong

Join us for a captivating discussion as cannabis icon and legend Tommy Chong sits down with his son Paris Chong for an intimate and enlightening conversation. Delve into their shared experiences, and unique perspectives on the evolving cannabis landscape. From legendary moments to future possibilities, you will get an exclusive glimpse into the world of cannabis icon.
Interviewer: Paris Chong

Super Panel: Then, Now, and Beyond

Join cannabis titans and Grow Up Hall of Famers, Jorge Cervantes and Ed Rosenthal, Grow Up’s 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Mila Jansen, and Grow Up’s 2023 Grower of the Year Alex Gauthier as we look at the future of cannabis. From the early days of underground cultivation to today’s legal markets and into the future of global cannabis trends, our legendary speakers will share their journeys and insights.
Moderated by: Dr. Av Singh (Executive Director,

Digital Dispensaries: Mastering E-commerce in Cannabis Retail

Join us for an insightful panel discussion on the future of cannabis retail – e-commerce. Discover the latest trends and strategies for successfully transitioning your dispensary into the digital realm. Hear from industry experts who have firsthand experience managing e-commerce websites for dispensaries. Gain valuable insights into optimizing online platforms, enhancing customer experience, and maximizing ROI. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the evolving landscape of cannabis retail at the Grow Up Conference Toronto 2024!
Moderated by: Cody Hicks (CEO, ADCANN)

Retail Trailblazers: Ontario’s Top Selling Retailers

A conversation with some of Ontario’s top sellers. From the biggest chains to small, independent operators, we’ll learn about what works and what doesn’t in the retail cannabis space in Ontario. Get an exclusive peek into the strategies and success stories of Ontario’s top cannabis retailers! Join us for a direct and insightful panel discussion featuring the retail industry’s leading names. Discover the tactics driving their sales, customer engagement, and brand loyalty in the competitive Ontario retail market.
Moderated by: Timothy Wilson (StratCann)