Get the expo started off right with our opening night meet-n-greet for exhibitors and delegates.  Come mingle and have a cocktail after a long day of conference and booth set-up.

Only available to VIP Industry Pass Holders and Exhibitors.

Nano Emulsion (Rapid Onset) Benefits

There are numerous benefits to consuming cannabis through nano-emulsion. The extremely small cannabis oil/water particles provide greater therapeutic efficacy and offer the potential to minimize adverse effects. Nano particles in water means the solution is water soluble and therefore passes more easily into the bloodstream, resulting in faster onset.  And if you feel the effects sooner you can more easily gauge if you need or want to take more.  This burgeoning field is changing the way many ingestible and topical cannabis products are produced, how we use them, and how they affect us, and is clearing a path for innovative new products.


Case Study: Procan Labs on Staying in Your Lane – Building Using Old School Values

California presented a wild west opportunity when Prop 64 passed in November 2016. Procan Labs was built on old school values and has become the leading distillate provider in California by using old school business values and staying in their lane. Mark and his son Max will discuss their philosophy and how they have built a business despite all of the chaos around them.

Moderator – Chris Jones

The Stand For Craft Campaign

Growers are growers as far as the government is concerned. And the tax on product – whether it be $1 per gram or percentage-based – is the same whether you’re a stock exchange giant or a licensed micro-cultivator. But the boutique bud community is speaking up. The Stand for Craft campaign, representing more than 50 operations, wants a tiered approach to taxes, lest they lose an already difficult fight to stay in business. This session will discuss who should carry the tax weight in the cannabis industry and the upside to incentivizing craft businesses.


Moderator – Matt Lamers


License, Build and Grow: Security, Compliance and Buildout Considerations in Today’s Cannabis Market

Since legalization in October 2018 many cannabis businesses have emerged and participated in the Canadian green rush.  Some have succeeded and some haven’t.  There are still opportunities to start a cannabis business in a smart, efficient and sustainable way after establishing a business plan there are  security, compliance and build out or renovation considerations. Hear from some of the industry’s top experts in security, compliance and building experts from their experiences and knowledge how to prepare, things to consider and where there are opportunities to leverage new and existing regulatory pathways to still thrive. Join us for this engaging and interactive discussion.


Moderator – Jennifer van Dijk

Water is life – Sounds simple

In reality, however, some waters do very little to support life and can actually restrict growth.

We are going to explore what waters you should be using to maximize your yield while also minimizing your chem requirements, time, and water usage.

The Grow Up Industry Awards Gala

The Grow Up Industry Awards Gala is a national annual event honouring cannabis professionals/companies and recognizing excellence in our industry. Join us as we induct Frenchy Cannoli in memoriam in to the Grower Hall of Fame along with 35 award winners. Ceremony will be held in the Main Theatre of the Scotiabank Convention Centre. Reception and After Party to be held in the hall outside of the theatre. General Theatre seating.

Reception: 4:30PM // Awards Ceremony: 5:00PM

Meet the Exhibitors Networking Party: 6:30PM (only available to VIP Industry Pass Holders and Exhibitors)

Host & Emcee – Ben Miner, Comedian

(PART II) Growing for Celebrities: How To Develop the Perfect Strain That Is Worthy of their Name?

Celebrities spend their life building their personal brand. Everything they are associated with must carry that same level of quality and commitment. Cannabis products are no different. Growing the perfect strain is half the battle to a celebrity brand, you need to maintain that quality on everything with their name on it. Listen to growers of celebrity brands talk about the challenges when growing for an international brand.
Moderator – Jordan Wagman
(PART I) Celebrity Branding: What Does It Take to Gain the Trust and Confidence of a Celebrity Enough to Put Their Name On Your Product?

(PART I) Celebrity Branding: What Does It Take to Gain the Trust and Confidence of a Celebrity Enough to Put Their Name On Your Product?

Celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson, Seth Rogan, Willie Nelson and Jimmy Buffet, to name a few, have all put their names on cannabis brands around the world. Whether it is CDB oils, bongs, infused beverages or an elite strain, celebrities and athletes are becoming more open to the notion of branding with cannabis. Is your product good enough for a celebrity to put their name on it? Do you have what it takes to meet the high demands and expectations of their fans? How and where do you begin? Listen to these CEOs, marketing geniuses and brand developers of successful international celebrity brands as they discuss building that special relationship.


Moderator – Jordan Wagman