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Quality Assurance for Micros – what you need to know!

Micro and craft cannabis cultivators make it easy for QAP because they grow great product, but they make it so hard for QAP for so many other reasons.  Join Rebekah Brooks (Qualium Consulting) and Dustan MacLean (Parkland Flower) as they share solutions to the challenges faced when addressing quality assurance.

Tipping Point – The Balance of Living Soil Organics

Mimicking nature seems like an easy concept until you put on expectations that are not natural.  High-yielding and optimal quality cannabis from an LSO system requires increased inputs from water, to nutrients, to light intensity, to microbes.  Join our experienced growers Genevieve Newton (Stewart Farms), Brandon Giberson (High Craft Farms), Bryan Grasdal (Rocky Mountain Farms), and Nathan Knechtel (Black Swallow Living Soils) as they share their thoughts on the fine balance of growing in living soils.

Crop steering with dry-back – What’s working and what’s not?

Transpiration before irrigation – is it that simple? Managing the rootzone can make or break your garden.  Fertigation techniques and dry back in various media affect nutrient uptake which can help drive your plants in the direction you want them to go.  It’s not that simple. Join George Dickinson (Growhaus Supply); Adam Iwanowski (PharmHill); Sean MacDougall (EastCann) ; Stacie Hollingworth (Safari) and Brendon Roberts (Crop Care) for a spirited discussion.

The impact of cannabis research on developing cannabis technology

How can new technologies help in our fight against cannabis diseases?


Genome-Wide Characterization of the MLO Gene Family in Cannabis sativa Reveals Two Genes as Strong Candidates for Powdery Mildew Susceptibility
Interactions Between Bacillus Spp., Pseudomonas Spp. and Cannabis sativa Promote Plant Growth
Pyoluteorin and 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol are major contributors to Pseudomonas protegens Pf-5 biocontrol against Botrytis cinerea in cannabis