Laust Dam

Laust Dam

ON, Canada
HotHouse Consulting, Inc.


1987 – 2004: Crop Advisor, Dutch seed company

2004 – Present: Owner, HotHouse Consulting

  • HotHouse Consulting provide service and advice to the vegetable greenhouse industry in North America.
  • Over 49 clients in North America

HotHouse Consulting:

  • We advising greenhouse vegetable companies in the area of Ontario, (Canada) Mexico and as well as for US greenhouse companies
  • Specialist in Greenhouse tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, Eggplant, Organics and Cannabis
  • With the experience in growing greenhouse crops in many different countries, we understand how to handle crops, in dissimilar climate zones and in different structures of greenhouses
  • Climate and greenhouse experience ranges from low-tech plastic tunnels to high-tech semi closed glass greenhouses in zones and areas from Polar circle in the north and to equator in the south and as well at different altitude.
  • Present (2017) HotHouse Consulting has contracts with 49 greenhouse companies with over 1800 acres’ greenhouse grow area in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the United States of America.
  • For each client, services provided reviewing all aspects of growing, including labor, general cultural techniques, climate control, plant disease control and biological control. Plant nutrition as well as proper irrigation is evaluated and advice provided to improve the Owners overall business.
  • With the network of contacts in the greenhouse industry, Hothouse consulting can as well be helpful in to find personal to fill management and grower’s positions and hothouse consulting would be a valuable partner to work with, in an upstart of a greenhouse project.









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