Dineh Benally

Dineh Benally

President, Navajo Nation Farm Board

Dineh Benally is the son of JoAnn C. and Donald Benally.  He served as a Civil Engineer/ Project Manager for the federal government civil service qualifications responsible for the construction of schools, justice centers, fire stations, roads and Community Infrastructure design, implementation and support in Indian Country.

As President of the Navajo Nation Farm Board – San Juan River Farm Board, Dineh stands firm in repudiating any plan that seeks to terminate programs upon which his people depend. He is constantly collaborating with Council Delegates, Grazing Officials, and Chapter Officials to protect native water rights and improve the economy and livelihood of the Navajo People. With this mission in mind, if elected, Dineh intends to tackle several issues within Indian Country. The Navajo healthcare infrastructure, farming and jobs, medicine, housing and education are all topics that he wishes to address as President.

Dineh works with experts, both within the Nation and outside, to bring the necessary services and products for the Navajo people to benefit from. Dineh Benally loves Navajo Nation, and he is a Proud Son that is dedicated and committed to helping all his people.


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