Nick Pateras

Nick Pateras

Toronto, ON, Canada
VP of Growth,

Nick Pateras is Vice President of Growth & International Strategy at Lift & Co., leading the company’s Events and Retail Solutions teams. Lift & Co. is Canada’s leading cannabis media and technology platform, with a mission to empower better cannabis decisions by bridging the informational gap between buyers and sellers.

Prior to joining Lift & Co., Nick spent several years in the pharmaceutical sector with Johnson & Johnson Inc., where he led businesses across OTC and Health & Beauty. His background in healthcare led him to make the professional move into cannabis, having long advocated for recognition of its many medical applications.

Nick is a regular speaker at cannabis conferences across Canada as well as in Europe, typically on the topics of marketing and branding, as well as global industry trends. He holds two degrees, in Business and Philosophy, from Queen’s University, Canada.

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