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Futurola to Returns as a Platinum Partner to Grow Up Alberta May 26-28, 2024

Grow Up News, Platinum Partner

Futurola, The Future of Rolling ™ and winner of the 2023 Grow Up Awards “Pre-Roll Equipment of the Year”, will be returning as a Platinum Partner to Grow Up Alberta, May 26-28, 2024 at the Edmonton Convention Centre .

Futurola embodies the essence of innovation with their full spectrum of personal and production rolling equipment and we are thrilled to have them on board as a Platinum Sponsor. Bring your team to the show and SAVE on tickets. This is the perfect opportunity to choose pre roll equipment for your facility. Bring your team together for the biggest Cannabis event in the west. The Grow Up Conference will have something for every department.

Futurola began in the 90s through several successful Amsterdam coffee shops. Their desire to source a better paper led them to a high-quality, thin French rolling paper made from arabic gum of acacia trees. Their next innovation was a king size cone rolling machine that positively impacted Amsterrdam’s smoking culture. In 2013 they entered the US market and today processors all across Canada use Futurola products to quickly and efficiently bring preroll products to their Canadian Customers. Futurola is still family owned with a location in Amsterdam and another in Los Angeles.

Futurola Knockboxes offer the ability to evenly stuff 50, 100, or 300 cones in two minutes. They also offer a full line of Artisanal cones  for use with the Knockbox machines including various sizes, paper types and blunts. Before cones can be stuffed, the beautiful buds must be finely ground and Futurola has that step covered as well. Futurola’s powerful  Shredders will prepare 1, 3, or 5 pounds of flowers in 5 seconds making the entire production process simple and straightforward. For Retail Stores, Futurola offers a complete line of personal rolling accessories. Choose from rolling trays, handheld cone rollers and various types of papers and tips. Be sure to stop by the Futurola booth and see how their products can help your business.