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Grow Up is Pleased to Announce A Jobs Partnership with Canmar Recruiting

Grow Up News

If you’re looking for a career in the Cannabis industry look no further! We’ve just launched a brand new section of our website brought to you by the people at CanMar Recruiting.

CanMar Recruitment is a staffing firm dedicated to serving Canada’s cannabis industry. We provide high-quality recruitment and business solutions to government-approved, licensed cannabis retailers, producers and labs. We also help top-quality individuals seeking jobs find lucrative careers in the thriving cannabis industry.

CanMar Recruitment is uniquely positioned to meet the rising demand for jobs in Canada’s cannabis industry. We provide our clients with top-quality services and we always exceed expectations. At CanMar, we believe that for your business to succeed, you need top-quality staff. Our team of recruitment specialists use strategies based on a targeted and personalized approach specific to your needs. We specialize in efficiently placing top-quality individuals in a variety of jobs across the legalized cannabis sector.

From Brand Ambassador to Retail Store Manager, Human Resources to Financial Controller – CanMar Recruitment jobs are constantly changing with the needs of our clients and with changing market conditions.

We will always look to our candidate network as first priority when jobs arise.Become a part of the CanMar candidate network today and submit your resume!

Click here to view the available jobs today.