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Webinar Series: Reach the Full Potential of Your Cannabis Growth Through Proven Strategies

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By Growers for Growers Webinar Series

Reach the Full Potential of Your Cannabis Growth Through Proven Strategies 

April 30th – 11:00am EST 

Learn from master growers about practices used in some of the best grows in the world: using light strategies for unparalleled quality of crops and increased yield 

 Learn how light alone can help you: 

  • Drive photosynthesis and secondary metabolite up to 25% 
  • Influence high terpene, cannabinoid and flavonoid profiles 
  • The best spectrums of light for different growth stages  
  • How to rapidly increase your crop cycl 
  • Increase revenue by decreasing time to harvest  

And much more…  

Duration: 1 Hour

Grow Up Toronto – May 27-29, 2024
Delta Hotels Toronto Airport & Conference Centre

Grow Up Alberta – Sept. 29 – Oct. 1, 2024
Edmonton Convention Centre • Edmonton, AB

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