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ASCERA: The story of developing for the producer and consumer in the 510 vape industry

Tuesday June 21st
3:45 PM - 4:15 PM - Carson Hall
Speakers: Todd Ferris

ASCERA has had a long & tedious journey in pursuit of higher standards for the Cannabis vaping industry. With a dream to conquer the market with a superior & premium vape cartridge that is not only affordable but also reliable. Using industry-leading zirconia ceramic & Viton gaskets, ASCERA is sweeping the market with a vape cart that speaks for itself. ASCERA was built on the ideals of a cart that highlights your oil without affecting the integrity or flavour.

Like all journeys, there are always hurdles. ASCERA went through its fair share, including struggling to meet demand due to a Viton shortage caused by the pandemic. ASCERA’s journey also included a rigorous R & D process, where numerous technologies were discarded & replaced with more health-conscious solutions to ensure satisfaction for the end-user, and compliance with the regulatory bodies.

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