ASCERA: The story of developing for the producer and consumer in the 510 vape industry

ASCERA has had a long & tedious journey in pursuit of higher standards for the Cannabis vaping industry. With a dream to conquer the market with a superior & premium vape cartridge that is not only affordable but also reliable. Using industry-leading zirconia ceramic & Viton gaskets, ASCERA is sweeping the market with a vape cart that speaks for itself. ASCERA was built on the ideals of a cart that highlights your oil without affecting the integrity or flavour.

Like all journeys, there are always hurdles. ASCERA went through its fair share, including struggling to meet demand due to a Viton shortage caused by the pandemic. ASCERA’s journey also included a rigorous R & D process, where numerous technologies were discarded & replaced with more health-conscious solutions to ensure satisfaction for the end-user, and compliance with the regulatory bodies.

Our Past and Continued Fight for Justice in Cannabis

Justice in cannabis is a large topic. Justice includes our path and fight towards legalization thanks to the key advocates that got us to this place. Justice also refers to ensuring that those who live with prior cannabis convictions are able to have their records erased and are not hindered by their past as they work towards their future. Justice also means ensuring that all those fighting for the gaps in our current model of legalization to be filled are given opportunities to be vehicles for a cannabis regime that is more favourable for providers, medical patients, and recreational consumers alike. Justice also ensures that the inherent rights of Indigenous people are upheld in our current cannabis regime.

What are ALL our roles in the continued fight for justice for people in cannabis as well as those who consume it?

Our Panel Speakers are thought leaders and accomplished trailblazers in the Canadian cannabis regime Andrea Dobbs, Necole Hines, Jacqui Menezes and Jamie Shaw, who will remind us of what it took to get to this place of a legal space, share some of the shortcomings of the industry that we need to fight to improve, and indicate where there are still fights for human and constitutional rights happening within the city of Victoria in which we’re gathering.

Co-moderated by Donna Johannson, founder of Canadian Women in Cannabis (CWIC) and CWIC Team member Anne-Marie Fischer of CannaWrite

Social Equity & Women in Cannabis

We may talk about social equity in theory, but how often do we, as an entire industry, take time and opportunity to reflect on what social equity really means, and whether the cannabis landscape in Canada is indeed an equitable space for all?

Social equity programs in cannabis recognize and seek to reconcile the disproportionate representation of Women, Indigenous, BIPOC, 2SLGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, seniors, and those with prior convictions within the cannabis industry, as these groups continue to encounter financial, technical, systemic, and societal barriers to entry into the industry. Social equity is about removing these barriers to entry, and creating pathways to success.

This panel will discuss social equity as a whole as well as the status of Women in Cannabis. We will be sharing current data and research highlighting the gaps and imbalances that continue to plague women and other groups from advancing in our sector.

Thought leaders Necole Hines, Rosy Mondin, Jacqui Menezes, and Keri McBrien will share their insights from their personal experiences as well as what they’ve seen in the industry, as opportunities to create more equitable spaces that gives ALL people the opportunity to advance and prosper in the cannabis space.

Co-moderated by Donna Johannson, founder of Canadian Women in Cannabis (CWIC) and CWIC Team member Anne-Marie Fischer of CannaWrite