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BC Direct Program : What You Need To Know

Monday October 2nd
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Carson Hall
Speakers: Cory Waldron, David Brown, John Kaye, Kyra Horvath, Sean Curley

This panel will provide an in-depth overview of the BC DIRECT Cannabis Program, focusing on its objectives, benefits, and impact on the cannabis industry. Representatives from the program and industry experts will share insights into how it facilitates direct access to cannabis products for consumers while ensuring compliance with regulations. Attendees will learn about the program’s features, such as online ordering, delivery options, and customer support, and its role in promoting responsible cannabis consumption and safety. The discussion will highlight the significance of the BC DIRECT Cannabis Program in shaping the consumer experience and fostering a well-regulated and thriving cannabis market in the region.
Moderator: David Brown

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