The Strain I Own: Plant Breeders Rights and Patents

Friday September 13th
11:15 AM - 12:00 PM - Demo Stage
Speakers: Alison Hayman, Dr. Yu Seon Gadsden-Chung, Graham Hood, Lei Liu, Richard Naiberg

Panel Discussion

As the projected $22 billion worldwide market becomes reality, proprietary concerns will affect cannabis entrepreneurs and researchers. It’s worth knowing that there’s pre-existing legislation called the Plant Breeders Rights Act that protects exclusivity for creators of new strains and varieties of commercial plants. If they meet the criteria, holders of PBRs can, “exclude others from selling, producing, exporting, importing, making repeated use of, conditioning, and stocking the propagating material of the protected plant variety for 20 or 25 years.” What does it mean to “own” a strain of cannabis? And what do you risk if you don’t protect your leafy intellectual property? This session looks at how you can protect yourself.

Moderated By: Alison Hayman

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