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High Tech or Why-Tech: The Real Value of Cannabis Innovation

Saturday September 14th
10:15 AM - 12:15 PM - Masterclass Stage
Speakers: Dr. Av Singh, Melanie Yelton, Russell Cole, Varun Madhok, Vin Maru

Welcome to the Grower’s Circle – Canada remains the world leader in regulated cannabis cultivation and we are proud to share the news of our homegrown expertise with the world. To keep cannabis cultivation on the edge of innovation, it’s important to generate an exchange of ideas and insight between growers. To that end, Grow Up is introducing The Grower’s Circle – a one day series of technical sessions that allow growers (both experienced and novice) to get more out their cultivation practices, courtesy of the shared insights of others.

Technical Workshop Description

Farms used to use tools. Now they use instrumentation – spectral imaging, C02 misting, UV, ultrasonic extraction and other technologies. Some of them are tried, tested and proven to increase yields to meet any explosion in demand. Others have even greater promise, but the jury is still out. Many of them can be found on our convention floor. Drop your tarps and baler twine and find out what can work for you in this future-focused session. In a sink-or-swim future, the best tech wins.

Facilitated By: Av Singh

Speaker Submissions

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