Craft Cannabis: The Quest for Unique Quality

Thursday December 2nd
3:15 PM - 3:45 PM - Main Stage Expo Floor
Speakers: Matthew Jerome

This session will highlight aspects of the craft cannabis industry, specifically, in regards to what methods and process’ define a craft model, and how those aspects will not only define that products quality, but overall value as well. Matthew will discuss the importance of a quality driven market and talk about why it so important, not just for an overall healthy cannabis market, but particularly for those seeking cannabis for its therapeutic use.



    Key Take-Aways:

    • Concept of Craft cannabis and what defines it, as well as a more comprehensive understanding of why quality matters and what it has to offer, especially when it is being used therapeutically.
    • A more comprehensive understanding of some of the choices that go into a craft process model, and set a framework for how these process methodologies influence both quality and overall value of the product being consumed.
    • To help illuminate some of the most important aspect of what goes into a healthy quality driven craft cannabis market, and why it is essential to a strong Canadian legacy, as well as the numerous patients who seek this plant therapeutically.

Speaker Submissions

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