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Marketing Considerations for Growers

This session will provide a detailed look at marketing considerations for growers and licensed producers including:

    • Getting your brand off the ground
    • Standing out in a crowded market
    • Highlighting your personal brand
    • White labeling partnerships & supply chain considerations

Moderator – Bridget Hoffer

Craft Cannabis: The Quest for Unique Quality

This session will highlight aspects of the craft cannabis industry, specifically, in regards to what methods and process’ define a craft model, and how those aspects will not only define that products quality, but overall value as well. Matthew will discuss the importance of a quality driven market and talk about why it so important, not just for an overall healthy cannabis market, but particularly for those seeking cannabis for its therapeutic use.



    Key Take-Aways:

    • Concept of Craft cannabis and what defines it, as well as a more comprehensive understanding of why quality matters and what it has to offer, especially when it is being used therapeutically.
    • A more comprehensive understanding of some of the choices that go into a craft process model, and set a framework for how these process methodologies influence both quality and overall value of the product being consumed.
    • To help illuminate some of the most important aspect of what goes into a healthy quality driven craft cannabis market, and why it is essential to a strong Canadian legacy, as well as the numerous patients who seek this plant therapeutically.

How to Be a Good Neighbour: Odour Problems and Producer Legal Protections

Since the Canadian legalization of Cannabis in October 2018, the industry has seen significant growth. The Federal laws are heavily weighted toward licensing, production, and cultivation requirements, quality, and testing requirements, with minimal environmental guidance. Although the legal requirements from an environmental standpoint for producers have not changed significantly since legalization, municipalities have been forced to deal with many nuisance complaints from area residents regarding odours, noise, dust, and light from production and cultivation operations. Municipalities in Ontario have passed by-laws to restrict facilities because of these nuisance issues. By far, odours have been the biggest challenge. Rosanna DiLabio with Pinchin will review the aspects and impacts of Cannabis operations with a focus on “nuisance” emissions, how they can be managed and outline odour control technology currently available. Vicki Hilborn with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) will outline how nuisance concerns are being managed in rural areas of Ontario, what a “Good Neighbour Policy” is and will provide highlights about the odour research currently being supported by OMAFRA. Finally, you will hear from Richard Butler of Willms and Shier Environmental Lawyers about how legal agricultural protections apply to growers and what producers need to know about their environmental liabilities both from a civil and regulatory perspective. An interactive discussion and Q&A session will follow the presentations.


Moderator – Rosanna DiLabio

The Great Vertical Farming Debate: Adding Tiers vs Increasing Footprint

When building or expanding an indoor farm, multiple factors impact whether it’s more profitable to add tiers to existing cultivation rooms or increase footprint. In this session, we use data from real projects to first breakout the cost of building an indoor farm. Then, we use that model to illustrate the myriad of factors that building designers should consider when asking the question “should we add more tiers or increase footprint.” We leave sufficient time for the audience to ask question and share their thoughts.

Regulation Standards and the Road to WHO GMP and ICH Q7 Certification (the highest in pharmaceutical accreditations)

Vantage Hemp was assessed and certified on April 13th 2021 for:

  • Q7 Good Manufacturing Practices – Guidance for Industry, Q7 Good Manufacturing Practice Guidance for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • WHO GMP for Pharmaceutical Products

For the following activities:

  • Biomass decarboxylation, Supercritical CO2, Hydrocarbon extraction, winterization, distillation and crystallization of CBD derived from hemp
  • Certificate stays valid for 3 years and remains valid subject to satisfactory surveillance audits

Cannabis Knowledge: Training a Generation of Growers

It used to be that parents worried that their kids would be exposed to marijuana when they went off to college. Now they’re majoring in it. Two years ago, Niagara College produced its first graduating class in the production of commercial cannabis. Meanwhile, Guelph University has long conducted advanced research on medicinal marijuana and shifted easily to recreational studies, becoming a veritable factory for qualified industry personnel. Other institutions are following suit. This panel welcomes representatives from colleges, universities and consultancy firms who are creating careers.


Moderator – Daniel Hochman


Cannabis Product Innovation in Canada: Consumer, Concept and Commercialization

Cannabis product innovation in Canada is key for differentiation and continued growth. However, a range of challenges in the cannabis sector make product innovation a more difficult than traditional consume packaged goods. These challenges range from regulatory issues, diverse consumer occasion and need states, provincial retailer dynamics, evolving commercial pressures, etc.  The panel members hope to share their experience, expertise and lessons learned in bringing leading products to market from ideation to commercial roll out.


Moderator – Dr. Shane Morris

Hop Latent Viroid

  • What it is?
  • How it’s tested, what we see from the lab perspective?
  • What it can look like?
  • What it can do?
  • How to get rid of it?
  • How not to get it again?

Moderator – Brian Coutts

What’s New in Cannabis Tech & Innovation

The more you know, the more you grow. And with legalization in the rear-view mirror, the industry has been allowed to experiment with maximizing and optimizing yields and sales. From integration of cannabis tech and data, to vertical farming, to crop steering and genetics advances, this panel of front-line experts joins moderator Phil Wong to debate the pros, cons and potential of various new techniques that are gaining traction across the cannabis industry.

Moderator – Phil Wong