Options For Product Purification

Thursday December 2nd
1:20 PM - 2:05 PM - Expo Floor
Speakers: Adam Temple, Darwin Millard aka. The Spock of Cannabis, Dr. John MacKay

Extracting cannabis plants typically doesn’t end with crude oil. Many times, product manufacturers embark on post-extraction processing strategies intended to remove undesirable ingredients from extracts like plant waxes and chlorophyll, and to concentrate cannabinoids and terpenes into products like distillate, shatter, or vape carts. There are various options in the extractor’s toolbox for purifying products, including traditional methods like winterization and distillation, but several other technologies have come into the fray. Our panelists will help make sense of the pros and cons of these options, and what implementing a specific strategy today might mean for your business tomorrow.


Moderator – Dr. John MacKay

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