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The Official Breeder’s & Phenohunter’s Round Table x Seed Exchange Shakedown

The Official Breeder’s & Phenohunter’s Round Table x Seed Exchange Shakedown

The Breeders and Phenohunters Roundtable x Seed Exchange is bringing together well-respected, coveted breeders and phenohunters from the legal and medical frameworks, to share their journey, chat current and future passion projects, and provide some tips and insight for growers of all skill levels. The roundtable discussion will be followed by a seed exchange networking event filled with sponsor giveaways and prizes. Snacks and light refreshments will be provided.

The Science of Hash

Have you ever wondered what goes on in your brick or ball of hash during curing? Have you considered which cannabis strains are best for hash? What growing conditions and harvesting times make for the best hash production.

Seed Exchange

Seed Exchange

Guests who register for the event at the door will be gifted packages of feminized seeds, donated by 4Plants Canada, to network and swap with during the seed exchange, in addition to any seeds guests may have brought from home. Registered guests are also automatically entered to win sponsor giveaways which will take place throughout the seed exchange.

The first 25 people to sign up, receive a box of 4 – 20w Clone Lights ($180 value). courtesy of Aelius LED.


Hair Regrowth with Novel Hemp Extract- A Case Series

Join Dr. Gregory Smith showcases results of hair regrowth with novel cannabis extract. Cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) and cannabidivarin (CBDV) are all phytocannabinoids found in cannabis.

The case series showed an average 139% increase in hair numbers after six months of use.

Light in the Fast Lane: Dynamic Advances in Lighting

Not all PPFD is created equal.  From light intensity, photoperiod length, light spectrum and the interconnectedness of these variables is revealing new heights to cannabis’ genetic potential whether yield, potency or secondary metabolite expression.  Join our lightning experts Casey Rivero (Fluence) and Jan Chechalk (Signify) as they go behind the lens of what’s new and what’s good in cannabis lighting.

Shopping for the right CoA – who is at fault?

Health Canada gives analytical licences, LPs are told from retailers that high THC matters, testing labs have different methodologies for testing, QAPs are frustrated and LPs are being criticized for using different labs in efforts to get better results. What a mess?  Join Anuraga Mandava (Qualium Consulting), Brian Coutts (A&L Labs); John Slaughter (High North) and Steven Tan (4Plant) as they discuss this controversial topic.

Raising capital is a challenge for the cannabis industry!

Oscar Jofre will discuss how cannabis companies can raise capital (up to 75M) to grow their businesses, fully compliant,  stay private, no rush to go public, and raise their money from people around the world from accredited but more importantly, non-accredited investors – their customers, their brand advocates-, those that understand you- who better to have the opportunity to invest in your company.