The Future is Cannabis

The Future is Cannabis

Thursday September 12th
4:10 PM - 5:00 PM
Fallsview Theatre
Speakers: Anat Baron

Closing Keynote

Cannabis is poised to disrupt virtually every consumer industry: from food and beverage, to alcohol, beauty, health and wellness, tobacco, travel and tourism, fashion, and home and garden. By 2030, some form of legal cannabis will be a regular part of consumers’ daily lifestyles.

This massive global opportunity is bringing new investment and start up activity into the industry. However, in today’s attention deficit marketplace, the winners will need to not only create distinctive and differentiated brands, but also to educate and inform new consumers in order to develop loyal customers.

In her keynote presentation, Anat Baron will cover the trends that will shape the industry and the key success factors to incorporate in building the next wave of consumer products and services brands.