All Over The Map: Making Sense Of Global Marijuana Laws

Saturday October 7th
4:00 PM - 4:50 PM - Room 206
Speakers: Charlie Alovisetti, Gavin Clark, Jonathan Sherman, Maxim Zavet, Michael Lickver

Marijuana possession is still a felony in some juridictions, a fining offence in others and “just fine” in many more. As Canada prepares to legalize it recreationally, it will have to stickhandle the policies of its neighbours – notably the U.S. and its federally hostile/state-lenient attitudes towards pot. The business world is confused too. Shares dropped when the stock exchange operator The TMX Group announced it would “seek guidance” from securities regulators about Canadian companies with investments in the U.S. Our cannabis commerce may indeed be everybody’s business.

Moderator: Michael Lickver, Executive VP Strategy, Cannabis Wheaton


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