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All Over The Map: Making Sense Of Global Marijuana Laws

Marijuana possession is still a felony in some juridictions, a fining offence in others and “just fine” in many more. As Canada prepares to legalize it recreationally, it will have to stickhandle the policies of its neighbours – notably the U.S. and its federally hostile/state-lenient attitudes towards pot. The business world is confused too. Shares dropped when the stock exchange operator The TMX Group announced it would “seek guidance” from securities regulators about Canadian companies with investments in the U.S. Our cannabis commerce may indeed be everybody’s business.

Moderator: Michael Lickver, Executive VP Strategy, Cannabis Wheaton


Canadian Cannabis Clinics: Your Guide to the Rapidly Changing World of Medical Cannabis

Allowing the legal use of cannabis as medicine is one thing. Finding a doctor to prescribe it who is not hampered by stereotypes, stigma or lack of knowledge is another. Fortunately for Canada’s 220,000 registered medical marijuana patients – legal, doctor-driven clinics have stepped in to fill the void (and are not to be confused with the illegal “dispensaries” that have dominated the headlines).  In this session, representatives of the clinic sector make their case for properly-monitored product, health awareness and consumer safety.

Keynote: Dr. Uma Dhanabalan, Uplifting Health & Wellness

Moderator: Alex Revich, Educator, Cannabis in Clinical Practice


(PART I) The Legalized Dream vs. Reality-Check Panel

Mission accomplished. The dream of legalized recreational marijuana is soon to be a reality across the land. But now what? Will the creation of a new consumer industry create instant millionaires? And does it follow that you’ll be a winner just because you’re in the game? This session will deal in cold hard facts about what faces new entrants into the cannabis business. Will the environment change for license applicants as more people apply? Will the cost-benefit numbers add up? And how easy is it to maintain a sustainable business?

Moderator: David Hyde, Independent Security Advisor, David Hyde & Associates


Raising The Bar

CCI has launched a training division to address the need for high quality, practical training in the cannabis industry.  The Executive Director, Jim Pelton and I bring over two decades of experience working in post secondary and industry training. We are looking to engage industry experts (both from CCI and from the industry at large) in the development of workforce training.   We are currently planning a series of development sessions and have invited key individuals from various LPs to help determine what the training will enable people to DO.  We will still include theory in our courses, but the primary focus is on competencies and the development qualified people who are ready able to work effectively in their designated roles.  Successful students will receive a micro-credential indicating they have achieved competency in that field of study.  Our goal is to have these micro-credentials be recognized as the industry standard meeting the needs of the emerging global cannabis workforce.


Cultivation with an Organic Twist

Join Randy Flemming (aka the Pot Whisperer) and Av Singh, PhD from the American Cannabis Company as they share some tips on cultivating cannabis using organic practices. Starting with a living soil and a living seed, Randy and Av will run through important organic nutrients and biostimulants to ensure that not only optimal yields, but robust, high-quality cannabinoid and terpene profiles are obtained.


Factors Affecting the Relative Profitability of Greenhouse and Indoor Cultivation

One of the hottest debates in cannabis circles is which cultivation method produces higher profits. The answer depends on several factors like location, customer segment, and energy prices. In this session, Laval University professor and agricultural economist, James Eaves, will discuss the results of a detailed simulation he conducted that compares the profitability of an indoor farm to that of a greenhouse in three locations across Canada. The purpose of the session is to give audience members deeper insights into what drives the answer of which growing method is better, given the market the grower is operating in.


Starting a Commercial Cannabis Grow Operation: Costs & Considerations

People starting their own marijuana cultivation facilities face challenges both common to agriculture in general and unique to the product. A cultivator must be details-oriented and aware of the many variables that go into a successful operation. This starter-session features experts with experience in launching and operating successful licensed cannabis facilities. You’ll get the lowdown on costs, red-tape, regulations and the most profitable growth methods. A must-attend for any serious prospective grower.

Moderator: Ned Mikasin, Chief Business Development Officer, Beleave


Post-Harvest Strategies & Techniques

During this session you will learn about what strategies a post-harvest manager in Arizona has found work the best for her grow facility. You will learn about what post-harvest management involves and tips for refining the trimming, drying, curing, and storage process. You’ll also learn about why post-harvest management is so important and get tips for maintaining high quality and compliance.