License, Build and Grow: Security, Compliance and Buildout Considerations in Today’s Cannabis Market

Thursday December 2nd
11:10 AM - 11:50 AM - Expo Floor
Speakers: Andrew Parshad, Chris Besenyoi, Jeff Hannah, Jennifer van Dijk, Ron Berkhout

Since legalization in October 2018 many cannabis businesses have emerged and participated in the Canadian green rush.  Some have succeeded and some haven’t.  There are still opportunities to start a cannabis business in a smart, efficient and sustainable way after establishing a business plan there are  security, compliance and build out or renovation considerations. Hear from some of the industry’s top experts in security, compliance and building experts from their experiences and knowledge how to prepare, things to consider and where there are opportunities to leverage new and existing regulatory pathways to still thrive. Join us for this engaging and interactive discussion.


Moderator – Jennifer van Dijk

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