Omics Tools for Cannabis Producers

Saturday September 14th
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM - Main Stage
Speakers: Dr. Brigitte Simons, , Michelle Miller MSc, MBA, Steven Newmaster, Timothy Harvey

Panel Discussion

Advanced scientific techniques and technologies hold great promise for improving competitiveness and productivity for the cannabis industry, but how best to apply them? The fields of genomics and metabolomics are delivering a bonanza of useful information that can help cannabis breeders develop key traits, manage pests or disease, fine tune plant chemical profiles for specific use cases, and identify cannabis strains and providence within complex and regulated supply chains. Come and listen to pioneering scientists and industry figures on the state of the art, learn how the suite of tools they are building can be used to solve problems and drive efficiencies for cannabis producers, and get your questions answered on what “Omics” means for you.

Moderated By: Kahlil Lawless

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