Michelle Miller MSc, MBA

Michelle Miller

General Manager, Neogen Canada

Michelle completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Genetics from the University of Alberta. An experience that included study abroad experiences in the United Kingdom and Brazil, and an internship focused on canola research at the Alberta Research council. Michelle then went to McGill University and completed her Master of Science degree in Human Genetics before moving to the US to work on lung disease at the University of Vermont. Upon her return home to Edmonton, Michelle soon began working for a start-up company embedded in the University of Alberta called Delta Genomics. She started working in the laboratory and was primarily responsible for the whole genome sequencing of over 300 beef bulls that heavily contributed their genetics to the animals breeding today. When Delta Genomics spun out of the University of Alberta to become a private laboratory in 2014, Michelle was promoted to Director of Operations and was responsible for overseeing all laboratory processes and to ensure that everything was running smoothly, on time and on budget. During this time, Michelle completed her Masters of Business Administration part-time and in 2016 was asked to step into the role of CEO by the Delta Genomics board. She held this position for two and half years during which Michelle doubled the annual growth rate of samples processed and saw the company accomplish a number of financial records. These successes garnered the attention of Neogen Corporation, and on January 1, 2019 Delta Genomics sold its genetic testing business and assets to Neogen Canada, highlighting the commitment and investment in Canadian genomics by Neogen.

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