Standard Fare: Prioritizing The Role of Quality Control

Panel Discussion

From a consumer standpoint, the response to legalized marijuana was mixed. The product could be fresh, or sit in transit long enough to crumble into powder. THC levels in the product description had variances from 12% to 25% (well, which IS it?). The industry needed guidelines, and the government would be the first to enforce them when it came to new regs for edibles and oils (10 mg of THC per edibles package, 1000 mg per package for extracts). But there’s plenty left for the industry to self-regulate, and plenty of money on the line. Sales to Europe demands Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance, which does not yet exist in Canada. It’s an all-encompassing, thoroughly documented record of all aspects of production, and its implementation could be a deal-breaker for Canadian cannabis. In this session, we talk standards.

Moderated By: Megan Henderson

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